Solar magnetic variability and climate


When Kees de Jager returned to Texel, he was asked by the director of Royal Institute for Sea Research, Prof. Dr. J. de Leeuw, to investigate the relationship between solar activity and climate. This research, done over a period of 15 years, generated about 10 papers with remarkable new insights. In 2019 Kees decided to compile the papers into a scientific book. This book covers:

  • The equatorial and poloidal magnetic fields and their relation to the Earth’s NH temperature.
  • The notions phase diagram of the solar dynamo, Transition Point and Grand Episode.
  • The granular scale magnetic fields or ‘bright spots’.
  • Telescopes for large-field high-resolution imaging of the sun.
  • The expectations for future solar activity derived from the decomposition of the solar dynamo into 8 ‘modes’. This leads to prediction of the sunspot maxima till 2130.
  • The statistical start of the modern heating and solar variability as part of the modern heating curve.
  • The non-linear time difference between the solar magnetic variations and terrestrial warming.




Pages: 176
Language: English

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